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Making Transfer Paper With Laser Printed Images

Have you ever seen a really cool design, that you thought would look great on a pot, but you didn't think you could master it? You tried sketching it out on a piece of paper, but your version just didn't meet your expectations?

Well, today I'm going to show you an easy way to get those cool designs on your pots! All you will need is a copyright free image (which you can find all over the internet), a laser printer, and some underglaze! Don't have a laser printer... no worries... almost any local Staples, Office Max, Walmart, etc... can print them for you.

Let's head out to the studio and I'll show you how to transfer that design to you clay for a really exciting piece!Gather your supplies.

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First thing you need to do is find the design you want, invert the colors so the white area is black and the black area is white, then print the design with a laser printer.

  • Note: Inkjet, and other printers, will not work for this process, as the toner and heat in a laser printer seals the pores on the paper wherever the black is, causing the underglaze to bead off of it easily

Once you've printed the design, it's time to add some underglaze. I like to add just a bit of water to mine to thin it down, this helps it bead up better. Paint the design, then let the underglaze dry enough to lose its sheen.

  • Note: If you get glaze on the black area that doesn't bead up and pull into the white area, use a dry brush or damp sponge to wipe it away

Now that you've painted the design, and allowed it to dry a bit, flip the paper over onto your clay slab. Once you have it lined up where you want it, use a roller or rubber rib to press the design lightly onto the clay.

Slowly peel back the corner of the paper to make sure the design has transferred.

Don't worry about the black ink left on the slab... it will burn off in the bisque fire.

There you have it, a really easy method for transferring your design onto clay. All you have to do now is, touch up the design, and embellish it with additional colors if you want.

Give it a try, then send us some pictures!

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  • Ellen Rundle |

    can you use this transfer technique on leather hard greenware ?


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