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Making Cupcakes With A Pinch Pot And Coils

Are you always on the lookout for something simple to teach the kids? We've done some pretty neat ones here on our blog, but I think you will rate this one right up top! Very few supplies are needed, they are super cute, and each one will be different.

Not looking for a kids project? No worries... these little beauties make the perfect birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Thank You gifts! Personalize them and/or fill them with candy, jewelry or a gift card, and you will make someone very happy!

This project is not only super easy, it's really fun! A simple pinch pot, topped off with a coil, and you've got a really cool  cupcake. But here's the best part... it opens up into a trinket box!

Let's head out to the studio so we can give it a try!Like I said earlier, very few supplies are needed.

  • clay
  • scoring tool
  • slip or magic water
  • pin tool
  • underglazes or
  • paint brush

Building the bottom of the cupcake:

After gathering your supplies, grab a piece of clay that fits nicely in the palm of your hand, and roll it into a short fat cone with a flat peak

Now open the center by pressing your thumbs in the middle and pinching toward the outside. Do this all the way around until the clay is shaped like a cupcake bottom, and the side walls and bottom are close to the same thickness.

Use a popsicle stick or the back of a fettling knife to create vertical ridges all the way around.

fet knife
Set this piece off to the side... you now have the bottom of your cupcake.

Building the muffin top:

  • Roll out a long rope (coil) roughly the diameter of a pencil.
    • Note: for smaller children, several shorter coils may be easier for them to handle
  • Start coiling the rope into a circle just slightly larger than the opening of the cupcake bottom. You want the first coil to sit atop the bottom, but not fall down over the sides.


  • Score and slip the top of the first coil, and bottom of the next one, and continue this step for each coil


  • Roll the rope in layers, making each layer a little smaller than the previous one, to get a cone shaped top


  • If your score/slip is done well, you won't need to smooth the inside of the top however; if you are uncertain, you can use a popsicle stick to smooth the inside of the coils to make sure they are joined well.
  • Top it off with a cherry if you want, then underglaze it, or fire for painting.

If you'd like to share your ideas, projects or submit a post for our blog, email us at! We look forward to hearing from you!


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