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Make Your Own Ceramic Toothbrush Holder

Recently, our toothbrush holder decided it was too old to hold it together any longer, so I decided to try my hand at making one and you get to follow along with the experiment.

First off I will tell you, now that I've made the first one, I realize that it's not exactly what I was looking for. I think a little tweaking is needed, before I fire and glaze one for the bathroom, but this should put you on the right track for your own.

Put on your thinking cap, grab your coffee, and follow me to the studio!You want to start by asking yourself how many toothbrushes you want it to hold. For our family, three is the magic number, so I cut a strip of clay 1 1/2"w x 17"l.


The next step is to smooth both sides of the strip with a damp sponge in order to have a nice clean glaze "roll-over".


After you have both sides cleaned up and smooth, use a bevel tool like the Xiem X-Bevel, to bevel both ends. Remember, bevel the front on one end and the back of the other, so they join nicely.



Score both bevels and add slip or magic water to join them.



Once you've joined the ends stand it up and shape it to your liking. Note: you may have to use sponges, cups, tape, etc... to hold it in place until it is leather hard.


The last step is to cut holes for the toothbrushes. I used a Kemper HC-4 Round Hole Cutter for mine. Make sure the holes are large enough for the style brush you use.


Now... what will I do differently on the one I'm actually going to use in my house?

  • definately make the bottom of the stand a little wider than the top
  • add a tall cylinder for the toothpaste tube so they are all together
  • possibly make the bottom have a cupped edge to hold the water that drains off the brushes so it doesn't leak on the counter.

Like I said in the beginning... there are a few thing I will most likely tweak before making the "real deal." I hope that you will do the same and send us some pictures!


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