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Let's Celebrate Independence Day With Table Décor

If you hurry, you still have time to make some pretty awesome pieces to put on your picnic tables for Independence Day (July 4th,) and impress your friends and family with your skill! "What can I do in ten days?" you ask.

Well, I can think of about twenty or so projects that will set you apart from you "non-artsy" guests! Something as simple as a set of coasters, a napkin holder, a few jars painted up for the plastic ware, a nice floral centerpiece... that list goes on!

So... turn on your creative brain, grab a cup of coffee, and follow me to the studio!Let's start with something super simple... a non-ceramic centerpiece that you can make in about 20 minutes. All you need is a glass flower vase, a few paint brushes, some acrylic paints, a few flowers, and a place to put the masterpiece when it's done!

rwb vase
Does this look familiar? Well, if you follow along with the blog, you've seen it before. Follow this link for step-by-step instructions and have one ready for your table in minutes!

Now that the centerpiece is ready, let's make some coasters. Have you ever bought the cardboard coasters that fly away when the wind picks up? Well, if you make ceramic coasters, not only will they last from year to year, but you don't have to worry about the wind carrying them to the party down the street!

Roll out a slab of white clay about 1/4" thick, cut channels out of the back to keep your coasters from warping, and get to putting on some underglazes.

Follow this link to get step-by-step instructions for tile making, then use the instructions for making your coasters.

Design Ideas

  • Try making a large American Flag, then cut it into 4"x4" squares or 4"x5" rectangles...
  • Or maybe, get really creative and make an outline of the United States to cut into interesting shapes or states...
40 coasters
40 coasters

Paint up a few canning jars to put your plastic ware in, make a napkin holder with painted popsicle sticks... Just a few supplies, and a creative mind, add up to awesomeness!

These were just a little taste of some super easy ways to decorate your table. Get creative, search the web, or go back through our blog posts, for some great ideas you can turn into a July 4th masterpiece!

We look forward to seeing some of your work, so send us pictures!

If you'd like to share your ideas, projects, or submit a post for our blog, email us at! We look forward to hearing from you!


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