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Kids Hand Project For Mother's Day

Giving mom a hand for Mother's Day has new meaning. This cute project is sure to brighten her day and last a lifetime. And if that's not reason enough, they can be made from self-hardening and air dry clay so anyone can make them!

Another benefit to these little hands... you can impress or underglaze the child's fingerprint(s) into the clay for lasting identification, and when they are done they make a perfect jewelry dish!

Ready to get started? Grab the kids and let's head to the studio!

You won't need many supplies for this one.

  • Just a little clay
  • a needle tool
  • rolling pin or dowel
  • a few textures
  • a paint brush
  • underglaze if you want to color it (firing clays)
  • Mayco Softees or acrylic paints (non-firing clays)

*The first step is to roll out a small piece of clay to roughly 1/8-1/4" thick then trace the child's hand on it. I didn't have a kiddo here for this example so I used my own hand ?

*Use a needle tool to cut the shape out, then soften the edges with a damp sponge or your finger.

*This is when you would impress the child's fingerprint(s) into the clay or... put some underglaze on a napkin, roll their finger over it, then roll it onto the clay. Note* if you are using a non-firing clay body, you can use the acrylic paint for this instead of underglaze.

*Put an inscription and/or design on this side (the back) then flip it over.

*Add textures, designs, and paint.

*Allow the piece to set up to a soft leather hard state.

*Now, cup the hand a little, bend the fingers upward, and score/slip the thumb to attach it to the fingers if you want.

*Prop the fingers up with a dowel rod or other item until the piece is dry enough to set on a drying shelf.

For more fun kids projects, follow this link.

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