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Kids Easter Bunny Clay Project

Are you looking for a clay project for your little ones? One that they will absolutely adore? How about an Easter Bunny? It is that time of year...

Well, here is a really easy and super cute one for them, and all you need is a paint brush and popsicle stick. It can be made of air dry and self-hardening, stoneware, porcelain, earthenware, and even polymer clay! Heck, you can even make it out of play doh!

Round up the kiddos and follow me to the studio!

Here is the basic plan but feel free to expand on it as you wish;

  • roll a 1/2 pound of clay into 2 balls - 1 larger/1 smaller


  • taking the larger ball, create a body by making a pinch pot


  • using the smaller piece of clay make 4 feet, a tail, and 2 ears
  • attach the feet to the bottom of the pinch pot by scoring and slipping or dampening and pressing it together if the clay is real moist


  • attach the tail the same was as you did the feet
  • for the head/face, make a somewhat thicker circular disc
  • make the ears and attach them to the head... make them funny if you want to spice up the bunny


  • paint a face on the bunny either with underglaze or acrylics (if you are using a non-firing clay)
  • allow all the pieces to get to the leather hard stage if you are using pottery clay, if you are using any of the others, you can probably move on to the next step
  • attach the face to the front of the body allowing the bottom to rest on the front feet (this will help stabilize the head)

Some simple additions:

  • If you are using non-firing clay, you can paint toothpicks for whiskers
  • Buttons for eyes
  • Cotton ball or a craft ball for the tail
  • Put the child's name and date on the inside of the body

Whatever you choose to do, make it a fun project! The kids will have a great time, and you will have a keepsake!


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