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How To Use The Broomstick Method To Build A Bird Feeder

Who's getting ready for fall and winter? Are you starting to gear your projects toward the holiday season by putting ghosts, pumpkins and snowmen on plates, platters and bowls?

I know I am! I dug out the snowman slump mold I made last year, started making more molds, and did some research on what sells best for the holidays.

For those of you that have been following our blog, you know I'm a nature buff. That part of me started thinking about our feathered friends, that weather out the cold and snow, in my backyard.

Time to start making some bird feeders. Follow along, for the easiest way I've found, to make a lot of feeders fast!The "broomstick method" is great for making vases, canisters etc... but, it is also the perfect way to make adorable, functional bird feeders! So, how do you do it? It's easy, just follow these simple steps, and add your own creative touch!

  • Grab a couple pounds of clay, an assortment of dowel rods and cardboard tubes. You can also use PVC pipe and wrap newspaper around it.


  • Roll the clay into a log. Make sure it is long enough to be the height you want for the body of the feeder


  • Insert the smallest dowel, into the center of the log, by twisting and pushing it through.


  • Hold both ends of the dowel, tight against the log, and roll it back and forth to stretch the center until it's big enough to insert the next size dowel. Note: You only hold the dowel tight on the first opening. For the following dowels, roll them with the clay.
  • Repeat this step, with dowels and tubes, until the opening is the size you want.


  • On the last roll, you can roll the log over a texture mat, or items that will burn out in the bisque fire, (like seeds and pasta) to add texture and design.


  • Roll out a small slab for the roof and base.
  • Cut out circles for each. I like a "catch tray" for the base, and a slightly coned roof.


  • Score and slip, the bottom of the body and the base, and attach them.
  • Cut a wedge out of the roof circle, score/slip the edges, and roll into a cone.

circle templateIMG_1539

  • Score/slip the roof, and top of the body, and attach them.
  • Using a knife, cut a half moon shape, in several places of the body.
  • Using a damp finger, stretch the bottom of the moon out slightly, and push the top of the moon in a little. This prevents the food from falling out, and gives the birds a place to perch.


  • Punch a hole for a perch if you want.
  • Dry, fire and glaze...

How easy is that?


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