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Heart Shaped Vase And Planter

How awesome is it to decorate for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter etc... with handmade vases and planters? There are some really neat ideas out there, or you can do what I did, and design your own.

In today's post, I'm going to show you how to make a heart shaped vase, and how to modify it to make a planter! Hmmm... we may just have to re-visit this post, closer to St. Patrick's Day, and make it a shamrock.

This is going to be a fun, easy project. One you can share with your students, kids, and friends. Or, keep the instructions to yourself, and impress the heck out of them with the finished piece! It's up to you, but either way you plan on doing it, you might just impress yourself as well.

So, are you done reading the newspaper, and did you have your coffee? If not, put the paper aside, grab a coffee, and let's head to the studio. The news will still be there when we're done!Now, let's get the designing out of the way first.

  • Using a piece of paper, cardboard, poster board or roofing paper, draw a heart and cut it out. Remember I said this could be modified to make a planter? Well, a 4" heart makes a really nice vase top, and a 10" heart makes an awesome planter! That's how easy it is to modify!
  • For the vase, you will also need a pedestal and base.
    • For the pedestal, cut a rectangle 6" wide by 10" long
    • 6" circle for the base (center cut out)
  • Cut a strip of paper, the length of your outside edge of the heart.
    • 1" wide for the vase
    • 3" wide for the planter

Time to prepare the clay.

  • Roll out a 1/4" slab large enough to make...
    • two hearts, and one strip for the planter
    • two 4" hearts, a side strip, the pedestal and the base


Gather supplies

  • Lay your pieces out on a piece of canvas or ware board
  • Gather some tools (paint brushes, scoring tool, rib, dowel rod, sponge and water)
  • Put some slip, or magic water, in a container

Assembly Required! Depending on which project you decided on, there will be a few variations in the instructions. You may do better following the pictures...

  • For the planter, using a scoring tool, trace the outline of each heart (just to the top of the humps), and the outside edges of your strip.
  • Apply slip (or magic water) to all the scored areas
  • Join the pieces
  • Cut off the bottom point to add a bottom




  • For the vase, score, slip, and join the pieces to create a tall cylinder with a heart top and coned bottom. Be creative with how you put it together... this is where you can put your touch on it!




Decorate however you wish! Underglaze, overglaze, dip it, paint it... the possibilities are UNLIMITED! I personally plan on clear glazing the inside, and painting some intricate designs on the fired piece with Mayco Softees.



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