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Hand Built Recipe Card Holder

With early summer fruit starting to ripen on the vines a lot of folks are digging out their handed down family recipes and baking up a storm! Instead of laying that old recipe card on the counter, why not make yourself (friends/family too) a beautiful recipe card holder?

You don't use recipe cards... you use a cookbook instead? Well, just increase the size of the design, and it will accommodate those books just as nicely as it will the cards.

Are you ready to make a super easy project that will brighten up your counter and last a lifetime? Heck, you could even hand the holder down with the recipe cards you've cherished forever.

PS... I'm using a brown stoneware clay for this project, however; you can make it out of whatever clay you work with.The design I went with is very simple but you can change it up to fit your style just by adding some ruffles, appliqués, tribal bands, rope trim, etc...

Let's get started by preparing the body of the card holder

  1. Roll out a slab of clay approximately 1/4" thick
  2. Cut out your design... this one is 7 1/4" wide by 8" long
  3. Decorate the top and round the corners if you want
  4. Wipe all edges with a damp sponge to smooth out any roughness




Now that we have the body cut out and designed... let's make it functional!

  • Using a small dowel rod, roll the bottom edge




  • Smooth it out with a damp sponge


  • Flip it over onto a ware board and wrap the rolled edge under the board... this will help keep the shape of the roll and limit warping while it dries


  • Cut a triangular piece of clay from the same clay body 4" tall by 4 1/2" wide at the base


  • Using a needle tool, stylus, pencil... score the triangle down the center making sure not to go too deep


  • Fold the triangle at the seam


  • Attach triangle to the back of the body


  • Stand the whole piece upright to check placement of the stand, and if all is good, place it back down on the wareboard for drying. If by chance your stand is in the wrong place, remove it and attach it again



  • Air dry, bisque, glaze, then fire as usual

Remember, if you want to increase the size for a cookbook, make sure your bottom roll is large enough. Instead of using a dowel, you can try using a cardboard tube or PVC pipe covered with newspaper.

Like I said this is a really easy project, and wouldn't it be a great gift for a bridal shower or wedding? Just sayin!

Have fun with it, be creative, and send us pictures of your completed project!

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