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Functional and Decorative Log Candle - Part 2

A couple weeks ago we made the beginning stages of a decorative log candle. Today, we are going to complete that project. If you didn't read Part 1, follow this link Functional and Decorative Log Candle - Part 1, to take a look.

I'm going to show you how to add the flower, use underglaze to give it a rustic finish, and explain the firing process I used for this beauty, so grab your coffee and follow me to the studio!

If you followed along with part 1 and already made the log, this is where you want to be... if you haven't made the log yet, follow the link above to make the log, then join us back here to finish it up.

Hopefully, you've kept an eye on your log and it didn't get too dry. If it did, just wrap it in a damp towel and plastic for an hour or so to soften it up.

To make the flower, I'm going to send you to a post I created in March of last year. The only thing you will do differently is open the inner petals to accommodate the glass tube for the candle. Follow this link... Clay Flowers Made Simple then come on back for the rest!

Now that we have both the log, and the flower created, it's time to put them together. Just score/slip both the bottom of the flower, and the rim around the hole you created for the oil well, and attach them. Make sure to run your finger around the inside to make sure you have a complete seal so the candle oil doesn't leak out.


You can cut the center out of the flower before or after you attach it to the log. I generally attach the flower then push down in the center and trim out a circle big enough to accommodate the glass tube I'm using.


Here come the finishing touches...

1. Using a watered down black underglaze, paint the log from top to bottom and side to side.




2. After you've covered the entire log, spray it down with water, then use a sponge to wipe off the high points of your texture. You want the black to remain in the crevices and knots as an accent.


3. As a final finish, I use a dark brown underglaze (watered down as well) and just lightly brush it on in areas to bring out the natural color of my clay. If the brush strokes are visible, you can use the same damp sponge to lightly wipe away the ends and blend the color into the rest of the piece.


When you are all done with adding color, just set it on a shelf to dry, then fire to max cone for your clay... cone 6 in my case.

If you want to keep it from attracting dust you can always spray it with a clear matte sealer.

Fill it with candle oil and a wick and light it up... you will LOVE it!

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