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Functional Accessories For Your Clay Projects

Have you ever made a perfect little vase that would work great as a soap dispenser if you could just find a dispenser pump that fit? Or maybe you'd love to make an olive oil bottle, but just don't know how to make the top of the bottle the right size for a bottle pourer?

I know... I know... you've found a lotion/soap pump, measured the diameter, then tried to make a vessel that it would fit... much to your dismay, they never fit just right! You've been there right? You didn't calculate the shrink rate of your clay accurately, or maybe the rim was just a tad bit out of round... UGH!

There is nothing more frustrating than having to start over and hope you get it right this time! And even worse, do you really need another vase? You know that's what your vessel just turned into since the stopper doesn't fit.

Well, visit Big Ceramic Store for the pumps, bottle pourers, etc... that will fit those vessels even if they aren't the exact size.Take, for instance, the lotion/soap dispenser pumps... they come in several varieties. First, you have the one with a rubber stopper, then there's the cork stopper, or even the ones with a glue on collar. It doesn't get much easier than that for making the prettiest lotion dispenser in the neighborhood!


Now, how about a bottle pourer? Same deal as the lotion pumps... trying to make the rim the perfect size for a pourer is very challenging. That's why, Aftosa has made bottle pourers with cork stoppers!


At Big Ceramic Store, we have an entire page dedicated to Functional Accessories. From pumps, pourers, spoons, chopsticks, and hummingbird feeder tips... we're sure you will find what you need to make all the projects you've dreamed of making, but didn't know how to get the perfect fit!

When you're done checking out the functional accessories page, browse the rest of the website for more inspirational ideas!

If you'd like to share your ideas, projects, or submit a post for our blog, email us at! We look forward to hearing from you!

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