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Easy Decoupage Eggs For Easter

With today being Good Friday, most schools are closed, a lot of businesses have shut their doors for a long weekend, and you're almost already at your wits end! Where in the world did these kids find sooooooo much energy?

You've downed a couple cups of coffee, made breakfast, got the kids dressed, loaded the dishwasher and washing machine... and to think, it's only 7:00am! Now what? What can you do to keep the kids busy for a little while?

Here's what I plan to do with our grand kids... Decoupage Easter Eggs. They're really easy to make, easy to personalize, look great in a bed of grass, and spruce up the trees that are still a little drab from their winter nap.

Grab a few supplies and let's get started.Supply list:

  • Old clothes
  • Newspaper to cover the table surface
  • Balloons
  • White school glue (or Mod Podge)
  • Water
  • Paint brushes
  • Tissue paper, newspaper, magazine pages, or any other thin paper you have around the house
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Easter grass or paper shreds (if you want)
  • Sand stones, or other small, smooth objects, to weigh them down (not necessary, however; they come in handy if you plan to hang them outside in real windy areas)

Time to have some fun!

  • Blow up the balloons and tie the knot (put a stone in the balloon before blowing it up if you choose to
    • ps... I enlist the kids to blow up the balloons, no need for me to get dizzy!
  • Using a soft string, tie it tightly below the knot
  • Snip off the knot and excess string with a pair of scissors


  • Prepare your paper by cutting or ripping into squares or rough shapes


  • Coat the balloon with a mixture of school glue and water
    • 2/3 glue & 1/3 water


  • Place a piece of the paper on the balloon, and coat it with the glue/water mix


  • Repeat this step until the entire balloon is covered with multiple layers of paper
  • Hang the egg from the attached string and allow it to completely dry


  • At this point, you can use Mayco Softees to paint faces or designs, add stickers, glitter, buttons etc..., or make it a stand alone decoration by putting some glue on the bottom, pressing it into a bunch of grass or paper shreds and set it off to the side for drying

Gather the kids, put on some aprons, and have a ball...oon! It's sure to be a great time, and you will be amazed at the things they come up with to add to their eggs.

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