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Dressing Up Your Easter Baskets

Easter baskets are a must have! I'm not sure about you, but as Easter nears, I find myself trying to come up with ideas to "dress up" the Easter baskets I make.

I've done all sorts of things in the past to dress them up... texture, applique', weaving, ropes, funky colors and shapes... but this year, I'm adding a new spin to them... cut-outs.

Cut-outs can be added to wheel thrown or hand built projects. They can also be bent and twisted to make them stand out away from the body of the project for a 3D effect.

You can get real creative with them or you can keep them real simple. How much effort you put into the design is your choice... I'm going to do a little simple and a little more detailed.

Grab your coffee and follow me to the studio!For this project I've chosen a wheel thrown bowl that's had the opportunity to dry to the leather hard stage.


Using a wooden butterfly, purchased at a local craft store, as the template for my design, I lightly traced around it with a needle tool.


If you take notice I only traced a small part of the butterfly. I do the tracing in steps because I've discovered, the more I have traced on, the more likely I am to smudge and have to re-trace.

Once you have a section traced, there are a lot of different tools you could use to do the cutting out part of the pattern. I prefer a simple utility knife or scalpel for this job.


Don't worry if it looks rough when you cut it out, you can use a wet paint brush to smooth out the wrinkles when it's done!

For the other half of the butterfly, I used a Kemper Wire Stylus to carve out some of the surface clay, while doing a full cut-out just around the outside of the wing.


When all the carving, trimming, scoring, etc... is done, use a wet paint brush to smooth out all the edges around the cut-out. Make sure you get inside the cut-outs, and the back of them, as well.


I dressed it up a little more by adding a dragonfly applique' to the inside, bending the cut-out butterfly out a little, and adding a twisted handle.

Give it a try, then send us some pictures at


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