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Decorative Garden Spikes

I woke up this morning and stepped outside to warmer weather, a light drizzle, and the smell of Spring in the air.

Immediately my mind went to the garden and what I will be planting this year. Then I started thinking, "I may even try my hand at planting some seeds and see what comes of it."

Just like clay, taking that little seed that doesn't look like much, and watching it grow into something beautiful, well... it sparks that creative side of my brain and brings feelings of excitement!

Now that I've decided to grow a few of my own seeds, it's time to prepare for it with my art. Garden spikes and little pots are on the agenda, so follow me to the studio and let's make a few.

The first thing we need to do is create a template. I've made one 6" x 3/4" and added a point to the bottom.

Once you make a template the size you want, lay it out on a slab of clay roughly 1/8" thick, then cut out several spikes using a scalpel or fettling knife.

Smooth the edges by lightly running a damp sponge along the sides, top, and bottom, then flip it over and do the other side.

I got to thinking... it might be nice to have holes in the spikes and hang them in the garden shed when I pull them from the pots... just in case I want to plant seeds again next year.

There are numerous hole cutters available on the market. We all have our "go-to", but if you need one to add to your tool chest, here is a link for some great ones.

Okay, let's do the fun part! Time to decorate and identify the spikes. For this step, it's up to you how you want them to look, but I've done a couple samples for you to get the idea.

Use letter stamps to impress the wet clay, or underglaze to paint on your identifiers. Use letter stamps to impress the wet clay, or underglaze to paint on your identifiers.

These are just a few ideas. You could make vegetable, flower, fruit, etc... appliqués and attach them to the spikes.

Share some pictures of the designs you come up with by leaving a comment on this post.

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