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Cookies For Santa Plate

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house... The tree is lit, stockings are hung, the decorations look great, the kids are ready to be tucked in, and excitement is in the air!

All of a sudden, Timmy says, "Mom, we forgot to put cookies out for Santa!" So, you grab a plate from the cupboard and start putting cookies on it. Timmy tugs on your sleeve and asks, "Can we please use one of our good plates, cuz Santa is really special, and I want the plate to be special too."

Lucky for you, you've seen this post and made the project. Timmy is going to be so excited  to see just how special that plate is!

Not only is this plate super easy to make, it's adorable! Remember though, spice it up with your own ideas. The plates in this post were made to fit the "Primitive" look. You can use bright colors, and rosy red cheeks if you want!

  • Roll out a slab of clay 1/8"-1/4"
  • Find a hump or slump mold. I'm using a hump mold that I made out of a piece of wood for this project. I simply cut 45 degree angels on all four sides.
    • Hump Mold - you drape the clay over the outside of the mold
    • Slump Mold - you press clay into the hollow of the mold


  • Cut clay to fit the shape of the mold. Generally speaking, if it's a hump mold, you can use the large side of the mold as your template.


  • Lay the clay out on a ware board, center your mold, and place a ware board on top.
  • Pick up both pieces of ware board and flip the whole thing over.
  • Remove the top ware board.
  • Using a soft rubber rib
    , smooth around the edges to shape your plate.IMG_2082
  • Allow the clay to firm up to leather hard and remove it from the mold.
  • Decorate the face of the plate with underglazes and/or engobe.


  • Bisque fire.
  • Coat with a clear glaze and fire.

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