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Coil Trees For Christmas or All Year Round

I've hosted several coil bowl workshops this month and it really sparked my interest in building with coils myself. I've done a colander, fruit bowl, and now... a Christmas Tree!

Coils are a great way to go big with your clay while keeping the project as unique as your fingerprints. No matter how hard you try, you will never make two exactly alike!

The tree in today's post is a great Christmas decoration, or it can be displayed all year long with the rest of your "woodsy" decor'.

Let's start with the form I used to keep my tree standing. I took a piece of poster board, rolled one side in from the corner, and created a large cone. Once the cone was shaped, I taped it together, then cut the bottom to make it stand straight.

The next thing step is to roll a bunch of clay coils. I like the Amaco White Mid Fire Clay #38. It is a nice smooth clay that fires well and accepts glazes well.

Once the cone form is ready and I have the coils rolled out, I put the cone on a piece of paper and set it on a banding wheel. The paper under the cone helps keep the clay from sticking to the banding wheel.

Starting from the bottom, wrap a coil of clay around the base of the cone working upward, and keep adding coils as you go. Make sure you moisten each coil and press it tight to the one below it. Check the connection by pulling up lightly on each coil after it's placed. If it didn't attach, you may have to score it a bit, and add slip or magic water.

Decorate the tree as you go with odd shaped loops, twists, circles, etc...

Glazing options are up to you. If you want an all season tree, you can go with any color you want. If you're looking for a specific season, glaze accordingly. Ps... you can add a string of lights too if you want!

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