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Clay Flowers Made Simple

Are you looking for a new project? Something simple, yet exciting and creative? Well, I've got an idea that will open doors of creativity beyond your expectation! Are you ready?

Being the nature lover I am, I've always been fascinated by paper flowers. The vivid colors, delicate petals, and simple beauty of them overload my creative mind! I've been to craft shows and fairs, where someone is enthralling the crowd, by taking a single piece of paper and turning it into a beautiful rose, dahlia, tulip or lotus.

With spring just ahead, I've shifted the studio to "Flower Making Mode." In other words, I'm adding flowers, birds, bees, etc... to bowls, pitchers, plates, platters and mugs. Not only do my customers love them, it reminds me that my favorite time of year is just about here!

In todays post, I'm going to show you how to make a couple simple flowers to adorn your wares. So grab your coffee, and let's head to the studio.The first flower I'm going to make is super easy. It's nothing more than a thin strip of sculpting clay rolled into a delicate flower. The really neat thing is... you can use underglaze or engobe to color the clay before you roll it, then once it's fired, you can clear glaze or clear coat it with a spray.

Here are the steps;

  • Roll a thin slab of clay
  • Cut out a circle
  • Using a scalpel or needle tool, cut a "swirl" in the circle
  • Dampen the edges that will be the top of the flower, and thin them a little
  • Starting at the center of the circle, roll the clay, allowing the top edges to stay spread out

rolled flower
Was that easy or what?

Ready to try one a little more challenging? Let's make a beautiful rose worthy of display! Simply attach the glazed/fired rose to a tile and hang it on the wall or display it on a shelf. You'll be amazed at the compliments!

Steps for making an amazing rose...

  • Roll a thin slab of clay
  • Make a paper template, lay it on the clay, and cut out three of them


  • Next, take a small dowel rod, pencil, or stick, and a wad of paper to make a stem for forming your rose
    • Note: the stem will be removed before firing


  • Cut a hole in the center of your clay flowers


  • Dampen, smooth and thin the edges of one flower


  • Slide the stick through the hole and wrap the clay up around the wadded paper


  • Repeat these steps with the other two flowers you have cut out, but with the last one, roll the edges a little


  • Put it all together and you have a Beautiful rose!

Dip it in thinned down underglaze or engobe to add some color before the bisque if you want!

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4 thoughts on “Clay Flowers Made Simple”

  • Linda Izard | #

    Here are addl. aspects of my flowers. Petals can be textured w/ a roller or any tool available for texturing. The layers of petals are bisque fired, unattached to each other. I glaze pieces separately, all sides. Then line up the center holes, and glaze fire with the flowers supported on stilts. The glaze fuses the petal pieces together. Dermal any stilt marks after the firing.
    I use a painted, threaded dowel as the stem. Rubber washers and nuts to hold dowel in place. A hollow center 'seed pod' is also made, and it is hot glued over the top nut.
    I can send photos if there is further interest.

  • Rosemary Johnson | #

    I am a novice potter learning how to make flowers. I have already made many roses and now what to try making them the way you described but have a question. I should probably already know this, but will ask anyway. How do you glaze all sides? Thanks much.


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