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Christmas Trees and Ornaments Ready for Your Creative Touch

The Christmas Season has arrived! Thanksgiving is less than a week away, but everywhere you go, the decorations are filling up carts, cars and trucks. Even Christmas trees are leaving the stores and headed to their new home for the season. I can't help but to feel the excitement!

Are you feeling the excitement too? Did you start your Christmas shopping, or like in my house... Christmas Gift Making...

Did you know that Big Ceramic Store offers bisque pieces that you can glaze and decorate to your liking? No... well, follow along while I show you some Christmas items you can personalize for yourself or give as gifts!

For starters, not every piece of pottery that leaves your studio has to be 100% handmade. Taking a bisque piece, putting some handpainted designs on it, adding a name or date, or just adding a beautiful glaze, well... that's handcrafted too!

For instance, let's take a look at some of the things we have to offer at Big Ceramic Store. We'll primarily focus on the Christmas items today, but check out the other items we have as well.

The Christmas Tree

This ceramic topper even comes with a light kit, which includes a base light bulb, colorful mini lights, a white star tree topper, and a separate tree base.

Add some underglaze, overglaze, or fire to cone and paint with acrylic paints, then add the lights and turn it on... it doesn't get much easier than that.

Don't need a tree? Maybe you could use some...

3 1/2" Ball Ornament

Again, such a simple item, however; imagine all the fun you can have with them!

Here's a thought... want to give grandparents something to remember from year to year? Have your child dip their hand in underglaze (non toxic of course), then hold the ball in their hand.

Finish it off with your childs name and date, then add a clear coat. Surely a keepsake that won't get lost.

5" Twirl Ornament

This is a really neat item! There are so many ways to design and personalize this ornament. Use it for on the Christmas tree, or add it to your everyday home decor', either way it's sure to be a hit!

So, you thought you didn't have enough time to make something special for that family member or friend for this Christmas? Well, you thought wrong. Just jump on our website and order your bisque pieces today, and you can have them ready in time.



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