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Christmas Coasters

If you've been following our blog, you know that we've been focused on holiday projects, for the last month or so. Today's post, will be the last one, focused on the holiday itself, as we're running out of time to get them finished.

Christmas Coasters, is a project for beginners, and experts alike. Not only can they brighten up your coffee table, you could hang them on an iron or wooden tree, put them on small plate stands, or give them out as a gift to your guests.

Grab your coffee, and follow me to the studio. Let's transform some simple coasters into cool Christmas characters!

Okay... let's start with the basics. Throw a few coasters on the pottery wheel, or shape them from a slab of clay. Ps... you don't need to make perfectly symmetrical, I've found, the less "perfect" they are, the more they are admired.

Allow them to get leather hard before decorating. If you pick them up too much before the leather hard stage, your chances of warping are increased.

Gather some supplies

  • Underglaze or Softees Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Sponges
  • Sculpting/Sgraffito tools
  • Hole or drill tool

Decide on what characters will you be making? I'm doing Santa, and a penguin, but use your imagination, or do a Google/Yahoo/Bing etc... search, and see what's out there.

You can paint designs on them, or use sculpting/sgraffito tools, and etch designs.

If you would like to hang the coasters when they're done, use the hole or drill tool, and make a hole in the rim.

Bisque fire, then apply a clear glaze, and fire to the clays max cone.

Not only are these adorable, they really show off your holiday spirit! Put them all around the house, wherever a drink may set, or hang them on the tree and take them off as needed. Your friends and family will love them!

Do you have an idea or project you'd like to share, or an idea for an article? Shoot us an e-mail at


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