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Boost Your Pottery Sales By Adding Accompanying Items

While preparing for a craft show this week, I was wondering... "What can we do to help boost our sales this year?" I took inventory of the items we would be offering at the show and decided to venture into soap making. "Why," you ask???

Well, we offer several different styles of soap dishes, shaving mugs, and containers that soaps look great in, so why not have soap available to go with them?


Today's post is all about some little tricks to help you sell your wares... so grab a pencil and paper and jot down a few notes!Ok, I know not every one of you would enjoy, or even want to, make soaps and shaving bars, but you likely have a supplier near you... if not... search the web and you will be surprised how easy it is to pick up some great deals! Also, see if the supplier is willing to sell to you wholesale and offer to advertise their soaps along with your products.

Often, the people you reach out to will not only be willing to help you out, the will be EXCITED... it's a win - win situation. They are selling their soap to you at a small profit, however; you are giving them free advertising... that's the bigger win!

What other ways can you increase your sales? Well, here are a few pointers...

  • Let's say you sell napkin holders - put some napkins in a holder or two and show your customers how nice they work
  • Napkin rings - show them off on a pretty linen napkin - make sure the color compliments the napkin ring
  • Large mugs and utensil crocks - the dollar type stores have packs of utensile for under three dollars. Grab a few packs the next time you're there and display them proudly
  • Selling mugs in a set? Why not put a few single serve packs of coffee or tea in some organza and put the pouch in one of the mugs as a little thank you
  • Spoon rests - add a handmade or store bought ladle or serving spoon and sell it as a set. Tie a piece of jute around them so your customers know they get them both, but make sure you adjust your pricing to accommodate that expense
  • Flower vases, pitchers, mugs, etc... add a charming look just by putting a few flowers in a couple of your display pieces. Having forgot the flowers for this craft show, my niece stopped along the road and grabbed a few handfuls of wild flowers... what a beautiful accent is added


Are you starting to get the picture? Adding the finishing touches to your display can make all the difference in the world when it comes to visitors to your booth!

Don't miss out on some nice sales just because you didn't add a few "pretties" to your table!


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