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BCS Customers Show Us Their Work - Group 4

If this is the first time you're visiting our blog, you've stopped by at the right time! We're doing a series of posts showing off our customers work, and what the right store can do for you.

If you're a potter, or considering pottery... Big Ceramic Store is your "Go To" store. We offer a wide variety of tools, equipment and supplies to get you started or keep you going. We also offer a ton of resources on our "How-To" page and our blog.

Check out some of the crazy talent our customers have, then visit our online store to pick up the supplies you need to make your own.


Jim Dobbins Jim Dobbins



JigsUpArt JigsUpArt



Shubo Zhao Shubo Zhao



Sande French-Stockwell Sande French-Stockwell



Mason Wills Mason Wills



Marta Morganroth Marta Morganroth



Lisa Madden Lisa Madden



Lauri Schlekeway Lauri Schlekeway



Gabriel Kellner Gabriel Kellner



David Chrzan David Chrzan



Cheryl Farrens Cheryl Farrens

Don't forget... we will be featuring some of our customers' work, the products and techniques they used, and maybe even step-by-step instructions in future posts, so keep an eye out for them!

Do you want to submit your work, or possibly write an article for our blog? Shoot us an email at


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