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BCS Customers Show Us Their Work - Group 3

Hopefully you're following along with our "Customers Show Us Their Work" series, the view so far has been extraordinary! We've shared some pretty amazing pieces so far, and we have a lot of pictures left to share with you.

Here is Group 3 in the series... Enjoy, be inspired, try new things...

Agostina-Weler Agostina-Weler


David Milazzo David Milazzo


Helen Seebold Helen Seebold


JD Moore JD Moore


Joan Smykowski Joan Smykowski


John Dixon John Dixon


Melynda Steward Melynda Steward


Palul Rideout Palul Rideout


Rick Reiff Rick Reiff


Vincente Garcia Vincente Garcia


Amazing stuff right? Check out groups 1 & 2 for some additional eye candy!

Don't forget... we will be featuring some of our customers' work, the products and techniques they used, and maybe even step-by-step instructions in future posts, so keep an eye out for them!

Do you want to submit your work, or possibly write an article for our blog? Shoot us an email at


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