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BCS Customers Show Us Their Work - Group 10

Well folks, here it is... the last group of pictures from our customer submissions. If you haven't been following along, check out groups 1-9 to see some AMAZING stuff, and for some great ideas!

Thank you to all of our customers who submitted their work! If you'd like us to feature your work on our blog, send us an email at


Jeanette Igoe Jeanette Igoe


Shubo Zhao Shubo Zhao


Shevon Sullivan Shevon Sullivan


Sally Pursell Sally Pursell


Rebecca Adkins Rebecca Adkins


Molly Molloy Molly Molloy


Leslie Hagen Leslie Hagen


Cas Street Ceramics Cas Street Ceramics

By the way, did you see our post on 4/27/16 where we featured Lifelike Ceramic Handbags With BCS Customer JD Moore?  Or how about the one on 5/20/16 where we featured Lisa Harnish's version of Sgraffito in Terra Sigillata Part-1? If not, they are a must read!

Remember, visit our blog for some great ideas, and send us your pictures!


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