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  • Living out in the country, Barn Swallows are a very common sight. Watching them swoop down to the pond for a drink, or up into the rafters of my barn, have become one of my favorite pastimes.

    Sitting on the porch the other day, watching them flutter around then swoop down for bugs and drinks, I thought... "Why not bring some of that enjoyment into the studio?"

    So, I devised a plan, searched the web for some pictures, and got to work! Wanna see what I came up with? Well grab your coffee and follow me out to the studio!

  • A few years ago I purchased an upright spoon rest from a book party a friend of mine had. I absolutely love the way it holds the spoon, and it takes up less room on my stove.

    Unfortunately, a few months ago, I dropped the ceramic piece of the spoon rest and it broke. Let me just say this... it didn't take long for me to realize how much I was going to miss it!

    So, what choice did I have than to buy a new one right? Wrong!!! I am a potter... why couldn't I come up with a design to make an upright spoon rest out of clay?

    Grab your coffee and follow me to the studio if you want to make one yourself.

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