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  • If you ask a potter what they want for Christmas I'm sure you will hear a few responses like... "Well, I really want a new wheel, " or "I've been wanting a pugmill for years."

    Ok, so not everyone can afford the big items this year, but how about some of the tools and supplies that make everyday clay work easier? You know, the ones we don't like to buy for ourselves, because we're saving money for those big ticket items.

    I know most of you are the potter's that want these things, but who says we can't forward this post to our family and friends and give them some ideas right?

    Let's talk about some of the things I've found to be really helpful in everyday clay work and see if any of them are on your wish list.

  • Holiday parties are upon us! Want to dress up your party? Why not make some bottle toppers that not only show your holiday spirit, but your unique personality, and amazing talent!

    They can be made for any holiday, but since Christmas is just around the corner, we'll do some winter focused toppers.

    The great thing about this project is you can even make them out of self-hardening and air dry clays. It's a great project for the kids to make for soda and juice bottles, you can put them atop oil and vinegar bottles, and you can even just set them on a shelf as a decoration.

    Grab your coffee and follow me to the studio!

  • I've hosted several coil bowl workshops this month and it really sparked my interest in building with coils myself. I've done a colander, fruit bowl, and now... a Christmas Tree!

    Coils are a great way to go big with your clay while keeping the project as unique as your fingerprints. No matter how hard you try, you will never make two exactly alike!

    The tree in today's post is a great Christmas decoration, or it can be displayed all year long with the rest of your "woodsy" decor'.

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  • The Christmas Season has arrived! Thanksgiving is less than a week away, but everywhere you go, the decorations are filling up carts, cars and trucks. Even Christmas trees are leaving the stores and headed to their new home for the season. I can't help but to feel the excitement!

    Are you feeling the excitement too? Did you start your Christmas shopping, or like in my house... Christmas Gift Making...

    Did you know that Big Ceramic Store offers bisque pieces that you can glaze and decorate to your liking? No... well, follow along while I show you some Christmas items you can personalize for yourself or give as gifts!

  • Looking out the window the other day, our miniature donkey Jenny, caught my attention. She was ear deep in a pile of hay and it reminded me of the Nativity set we had when I was a kid. I knew at that moment, I needed to make a Nativity!

    I haven't had one on display for years but I will this year! Grab a cup of coffee and follow me to the studio if you want to make one too!

    • Karen S | #

      very interesting. I am not religious but I can see many applications for this process. Thank you for the ideas!

    • nikki | #

      This is lovely. Thank you

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  • Are you like everyone else I know that likes to decorate for the Holidays and change of season? You have tons of decorations packed away in totes, bags, boxes, etc...

    Well, the decoration I'm showing you today can be packed flat, then put together for the 3D effect! This snowman is super cute, and once you make it, you will see how easy it is to make trees, pumpkins, and any other decoration you want!

    Grab your coffee and follow me to the studio!

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  • Instead of making an entire cup for your flatware for the Holiday table, why not just make a wrap that you can set plastic cups of flatware in? It takes up less space, you can make interchangeable pieces for any occasion, and they make awesome gifts!

    You'll only need a few things to make the wrap, and it can be made in any size. For instance, not only can it be used for a cup of flatware, but you could make it large enough to wrap around a utensil holder.

    Ready to get started? Let's head to the studio and get creative!

  • Just in time for Thanksgiving... Pilgrim hat napkin holder! They are really easy to make, take very little material, and can be dressed up or plain and simple.

    All you need is some clay, a ruler, paper, pin tool, rolling pin, and a clay circle cutter or round template. Depending on how you want to finish it, underglaze, glaze, or acrylic paints are also needed.

    Let's head to the studio and make one for your Thanksgiving dinner table. Ps... our next post will be decorative flatware holders that can be dressed up for any holiday!

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