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  • It's amazing what might spark your creativity! Just the other day, I bought my granddaughter a new pair of sneakers. When we unpacked them, there was a plastic insert that caught my eye.

    I only took a couple minutes for me to decide that I was going to make a hump mold of the sneaker and turn it into a ceramic shoe bank. Who would have thought that would be the end use for a simple piece of plastic formed to keep a shoe in shape?

    Grab your cup of coffee and follow me to the studio to see how I did it!

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  • Every now and again I make a really large or bulky pottery project. In doing so, I've found the biggest challenge is how to handle the clay when it's green, or even worse... bone dry.

    Today I will show you a simple technique I use in the studio for decorating these pieces, and for moving them from the work area to the drying shelf, then to the kiln.

    Grab a cup of coffee and prepare to learn a valuable little trick!

    • Irene A Lawson |

      Brilliant, but then how did you actually put it into the kiln??? I can imagine how but would like to actually read how you handled the upright to the kiln floor. Thanks!

  • A few weeks back, I had an bisque fire that lasted a little longer than usual. Since I have a manual firing electric kiln, I brushed it off as an error in my calculations and didn't give it another thought. When the pieces came out, they appeared to be normal, so I didn't think much of it.

    I should have thought more of it though, as the glaze fire was a HUGE flop! I lost some really neat pieces and was really mad at myself for not checking the elements. I know better than that... how could I be so stupid!

    Today's post is going to go over the simplicity of checking your elements to make sure you get a productive firing.

  • One of the easiest ways to decorate your clay has got to be a texture mat. Not only are there a ton of designs available, you can do so many things with them. I'm in love with the Brick Pattern by Chinese Clay Art USA!

    I've used that one in particular, for multiple pieces, and absolutely love the ease of use, detailed design, and flexible material. A little creativity is all you need to make it exciting!

    Let's take a look at some of the patterns available.

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