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  • In this post, you will learn how to design you pieces with copper oxide. Thank you, Susan Berzelius, for sharing the information and pictures in this post!

    Susan resides in Gilbert, Arizona, and has an extensive art history, beginning with an education from Normandale Community College, The University of Minnesota (Art Education/Studio Arts Painting Major), and Chandler Gilbert Community College.Design Your Pieces With Copper Oxide

    Her background also includes project like, Five on Tile... handmade tiles for 10 benches, 7 art pedestals, and 6 tables that line the one mile stretch of Arizona Avenue running through the downtown area.

    Recently, she became more involved in copper oxide design, and has graciously provided BCS information for our readers, so take notes and let the fun begin!

    • Louise B. | #

      You left me hanging,...very frustrating & NOT NICE!

      What is the next step for your "Design Your Pieces With Copper Oxide"???!!!

    • Laura Starr | #

      Might we see a photo of the finished piece using this technique. Thanks

  • A few weeks ago, relaxing on the porch just before a thunderstorm, I realized the only thing missing was the sound of wind chimes. Then I thought… “I make wind chimes for everyone else… Why don’t I have any hanging on my porch?”

    So, the next morning, I headed to the studio, and started to make some chimes for me! Although some of them are still in progress, I thought I’d share my ideas, and show you how I finished them off.

    Ready to make some wind chimes for on your porch? Grab your coffee and follow me to the studio!

    • tricia | #

      Need to see a pic/photo of item being described! It is very difficult to know what outcome is without SEEING it. Thank you for article.

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  • Have you ever made a perfect little vase that would work great as a soap dispenser if you could just find a dispenser pump that fit? Or maybe you'd love to make an olive oil bottle, but just don't know how to make the top of the bottle the right size for a bottle pourer?

    I know... I know... you've found a lotion/soap pump, measured the diameter, then tried to make a vessel that it would fit... much to your dismay, they never fit just right! You've been there right? You didn't calculate the shrink rate of your clay accurately, or maybe the rim was just a tad bit out of round... UGH!

    There is nothing more frustrating than having to start over and hope you get it right this time! And even worse, do you really need another vase? You know that's what your vessel just turned into since the stopper doesn't fit.

    Well, visit Big Ceramic Store for the pumps, bottle pourers, etc... that will fit those vessels even if they aren't the exact size.

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  • Have you ever seen a really cool design, that you thought would look great on a pot, but you didn't think you could master it? You tried sketching it out on a piece of paper, but your version just didn't meet your expectations?

    Well, today I'm going to show you an easy way to get those cool designs on your pots! All you will need is a copyright free image (which you can find all over the internet), a laser printer, and some underglaze! Don't have a laser printer... no worries... almost any local Staples, Office Max, Walmart, etc... can print them for you.

    Let's head out to the studio and I'll show you how to transfer that design to you clay for a really exciting piece!

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    • Ellen Rundle |

      can you use this transfer technique on leather hard greenware ?

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