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We've done the research and our expert potters have come up with our own custom blend for wax resist. We think it's the best!

Wax Resist is a cold liquid wax that repels underglazes and glazes that are applied over it. The BigCeramicStore Wax Resist comes in liquid form in a pint or gallon container.

*NOTE: Please be advised that there is a chance your wax will freeze during shipment and no longer work during the winter months / cold weather. Please keep this in mind while ordering.

The wax will burn off at low temperature during the bisque firing process (approx. 500 degrees), revealing designs, base colors, or just unglazed pot underneath.

Using wax resist for even drying: It is often helpful to slow down the drying of one part of a piece while the rest catches up. For example, on the rims of plates, or where handles are attached to mugs. Brushing wax resist on these areas is a great solution. The wax slows drying in the areas where it is applied, and burns off in the bisque firing!

Some people think that waxing the bottom edges of a pot helps keep the glaze from running off the pot. However, the wax burns off way before the glaze melts, so this unfortunately doesn't help. The only purpose of the wax is to make it easier for you to wipe the glaze off. It does help to have an undercut or small break in the surface toward the bottom of the piece. This break will help stop glaze at that point. (But don't depend on it too much. Runny or too thick glaze will still run right over).

Dip your brush in soapy water or fabric softener before using wax resist, and the brush will be easier to clean.

One easy way to brush an even line of wax on the bottom of a pot is with a good banding wheel, or your pottery wheel. The trick is getting the piece centered, then the rest is easy. We have a variety of tools to help you recenter your pots quickly, such as the Giffin Grip, a foam trimming bat, or the BatGrabber.

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