Bartlett Digital Datalogging Pyrometer
Quick Overview

The Bartlett Digital Datalogging Pyrometer displays temperature, rate-of-temperature-rise, and elapsed data collection time.

  • Type-K Thermocouple Input (Maximum Resistance 100 Ohms)
  • Electronic Cold Junction Compensation
  • Low Battery Warning Message
  • Lightweight, Durable Black Case with a Tilt Stand for Easy Viewing
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 year warranty
  • Datalogging Options: 1 of 7 User-Selectable Intervals (Holds 864 datapoints so for example, record readings every second for 14 minutes, every 30 seconds for 7 hours, every minute for 14 hours, every 10 minutes for 144 hours)

Tip: Digital Pyrometers are now more popular than analog because they give exact temperature readings. Analog Pyrometers use a needle gauge, so it is not possible to determine the exact temperature in the kiln. But it will give you an approximate temperature, and is sometimes still preferred because of its lower cost.

Temperature scale selectable ( °F or °C )
Temperature range ( degree F ) 0° F - 2500° F
Accuracy ( degree F ) ± 10° F
Maximum storage capacity ( temperature readings) 864
Battery Life of 4000+ hours with a 9-volt battery
Shipping Group Parcel
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