Art-No: TLAMBalsa9x12
Special Order Item - BalsaFoam, 9x12x1 inch thick
Quick Overview

Balsa-Foam® can be easily carved with traditional and non-traditional hand tools to create the shape and design you want. It can then be decorated with any paint just like balsa wood.

Balsa-Foam® (density of 5 lb. per cubic foot) is great for students because it's easy to sculpt and does not require the use of sharp tools. 

Since Balsa-Foam® has no “memory” or rebound, it will hold an impression. This means you can create detailed shapes by simply pressing any object into the surface. Carving, block printing, and sculpting are easy to teach with Balsa-Foam®.

Tips for using Balsa-Foam:

  • Most glues work well with Balsa-Foam including wood glue, hot glue. When bonding two blocks of BalsaFoam to make a larger block for carving, keep the adhesive well inside the ultimate shape to avoid having a glue seam that is difficult to carve across
  • Any type of water-based or solvent-based paint or coating can be used to decorate your Balsa-Foam project. An initial coat of Krylon spray paint will help seal the foam.
  • Balsa-Foam is non toxic however the dust can cause eye irritation. Do not rub eyes while using and wash hands after using. The use of safety goggles and/or dust mask are recommended when sanding or using power tools 
  • <a href="">More info including photos of projects in process</a>

Size 9"x12"x1" thick
Size L9" x H12" x W1"
Density 5 lb. per cubic foot
Shipping Group Parcel
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