Amaco Type I Balsa-Foam
Quick Overview

The Amaco Type I Balsa-Foam is softer than Amaco Type II Balsa-Foam.

It's great for beginners and students, although it is more fragile and can be damaged more easily when being handled.

Type I is better for relief sculptures, block printing, and fabric stamps.

Type I Balsa-Foam will work well with most glue, including wood glue and hot glue. When bonding two blocks of Balsa Foam to make a larger block for carving, keep the adhesive well inside the ultimate shape to avoid having a glue seam that may be difficult to carve across.

You can use any type of water-based or solvent-based paint to decorate Amaco Type I Balsa-Foam.

Balsa-Foam is non-toxic, but because it is made of wood, be sure to wear protective gear when sanding or using power tools on it.

Amaco Type I Balsa-Foam has a density of 5 lb/cubic foot, and is 6” x 9” x 1/2”, or 9” x 12” x 1”.

Density 5 lbs. per cubic foot
Shipping Group Parcel
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