Amaco Underglaze LUG43 Dark Green
Quick Overview

Decorating Colors are concentrated, opaque colors recommended for covering large areas quickly, easily and smoothly.  Results are equally effective when the colors are used for detailed painting, sgraffito decoration, water color effects, free brush painting, wax resists and mishima decoration. 

Colors may be brushed on greenware which is to be bisque fired before applying a covering glaze, or on mature Cone 04 bisque, then covering glaze applied and fired to maturity temperature of the clear glaze.  Color chips were overglazed with LG10 and fired to Cone 05.  

For opaque coverage by brushing, the consistency of the color in the jar is correct.  White slip may be tinted by adding small amounts of most colors to produce colored slip.

To color moist clay, cut clay into very thin slices, pour color between slices, and wedge until uniform color is achieved.  Since the colors are approximately the same tone before and after firing, the effectiveness of color combinations and blending is observed as the painting progresses.

All are AP Non-Toxic in liquid form.  Underglazes are dinnerware safe if covered with dinnerware safe glazes.  If not covered with clear or transparent glaze, should not be used for dinnerware.

Recommended covering glazes are Amaco LG9, F10 and HF9. Underglaze #25 will appear Green Turquoise under LG9 and Blue Turquoise under LG10.  Colored transparent glazes in the LG, F and HF series may be selected for unusual effects. 

Underglazes may be fired to Cone 10, but some will dis-color. 

Glazes with Zinc can cause discoloration of underglazes.  Use of Zinc-free covering glazes is recommended. 

Cone 5-10
Dinnerware Yes*
Lead lead-free
Safety label AP Non-Toxic
Shipping Group Parcel
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