Amaco Yellow Underglaze Decorating Pencil
Quick Overview

The Amaco Yellow Underglaze Decorating Pencil has a maximum firing temperature of Cone 5.

Amaco Underglaze decorating pencils are ideal for shading, fine line drawings or identification.

To use, apply the pencils to bisqueware and then lightly dust with a brush to remove excess particles.


- To reduce smudging, mix one tablespoon Amaco Gum Solution to one pint of water in spray bottle and spray on work before glazing.
- Lightly sponge on the first coat of glaze to avoid smearing. (This step is not necessary if glaze is applied by spraying, dipping or pouring.)
- If left unglazed, Amaco Underglaze Pencils should not be used on surfaces which come in contact with food or drink. It is recommended that you use a clear glaze, such as the CL-10, for decorating dinnerware.

Cone 5
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