Art-No: UGAMSET208
Amaco Underglaze Chalk-Crayon Set #208
Quick Overview

The Amaco Underglaze Chalk-Crayon Set #208 includes black, brown, dark blue, dark green, turquoise, yellow, and rose.

Amaco Underglaze Decorating Chalk can be used like pastels on bisque pottery, which results in a pebbled appearance.

Black, brown, dark blue, dark green, and white chalk is stable up to Cone 10.
Turquoise and Yellow are stable up to Cone 5.
Rose is stable up to Cone 05.


- Colors may be blended or smoothed by rubbing with your fingers or using a cotton swab.
- Brush sketches with water to get a neat watercolor effect.
- Sharpen the chalk for fine lines.
- Dissolve small pieces in water for painting or spraying.
- When covering your work with glaze, avoid smearing by sponging on the first coat, then using a paintbrush or paint spray.
- If left unglazed, Amaco Underglaze Chalk should not be used on surfaces which come in contact with food or drink.

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