Amaco Potter's Choice PC-53 Ancient Jasper (AP)(O)
Quick Overview

The Amaco PC-53, and all other Amaco Potter's Choice glazes, are fired in an oxidation kiln. PC-53 Ancient Jasper exudes the beauty and tones of ancient rock. Deep red tones, purples, yellows, browns, and black all intermingle in this glaze. Textural pieces allow Ancient Jasper to break up into a rainbow of rich tones which look like a combination of many different glazes.

PC-53 Ancient Jasper is an “Artistic Float Glaze." These glazes need a certain thickness to float materials to the top surface of the glaze. This creates interest where the glaze pools in texture or drips. If the glaze is applied too thinly, the glaze will not be able to float. The end result will be flat and probably an incorrect color. The tiles show the float developing as the glaze is applied more heavily. Float makes these glazes perfect for layering.

The PC Series glazes look beautiful and authentic, and work well over any stoneware or porcelain clay body.

Codes in ( ) (O) Opaque (TL) Translucent (TP) Transparent
Cone 5-6
Lead lead-free
Safety label AP
Dinnerware Yes
Shipping Group Parcel
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