Amaco Potters Choice PC36 Ironstone (AP)(O)
Quick Overview

A collection of potters' favorite glazes made easy.  These glazes are fired in an oxidation kiln.  They are made for anyone who would like to achieve the Cone 10 reduction effects without having to have a reduction gas kiln or firing at that high temperature.  The PC Series glazes look beautiful and authentic.  They work well over any stoneware or porcelain clay body

PC20 Blue Rutile needs to be applied heavily.  Apply at least four coats.  It will flow just a little and create beautiful effects.  PC50 Shino needs to be applied irregularly.  Apply 2 irregular coats.  Once you have used it awhile you will see the effects that you can get by varying the application.  PC60 Salt Buff has to be applied on the thin side.  No more than two irregular coats are needed to get the random effect of salt glazing.  

Cone 5/6.  All glazes are lead free and dinnerware safe except PC4 Palladium.  Glazes are a mix of AP Non-Toxic (AP) and Caution Label (CL)  Glazes are individually marked below.  (For example PC40 is (CL) because it contains copper and is toxic if ingested but is dinnerware safe once fired.  Please use caution with storage and use, particularly around children.) 

(2-3 wk delay on 25#)

Codes in ( ) (O) Opaque (TL) Translucent (TP) Transparent
Cone 5-6
Lead lead-free
Safety label AP
Dinnerware Yes
Shipping Group Parcel
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