Amaco Marblex Air Dry Clay
Quick Overview

Amaco Marblex Air Dry Clay is a self hardening clay that may be shaped by hand or thrown on a wheel.

Marblex Air Dry Clay from Amaco is supplied in moist form, ready to use.

Once shaped, it will dry and harden without a kiln or oven.

Once completely dried, the grayish white clay can be decorated with Rub'n Buff, paint, or liquid crayons.

It is not naturally waterproof, but can be coated with shellac or varnish.

For better results, add water and knead clay to increase plasticity before modeling.

It will shrink as it dries, so it is best to hollow out bulky sculptures or wrap a slab of clay around a loose crumpled paper armature before modeling.

Keep unused clay in a plastic bag or wrapped in damp cloth to prevent unused clay from drying out.

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