Amaco Magic Flow Glaze MF60 Straw Yellow
Quick Overview

Cone 06-05.  Magic flow glazes are a special series, which imitates the effect of Cone 10 reduction ash glazes

Its advantages are in the fact that it is fired only to Cone 06-05 in an electric kiln oxidation, avoiding the use of toxic ingredients and the requirement of high temperature firing. The clay on which it is used affects the unique wiggly flow of these glazes

For best results use a Talc containing clay. You can also get excellent results on slip cast items. On non-talc bodies the wiggly effects will not show as prominently but will smooth out and flow more in a straight line. Both effects can be very attractive. Best application is by brushing so you can taper down towards the bottom of the piece. Apply two coats all the way to the bottom of the piece and the third coat only to the upper half. Fire with a dry foot on a kiln shelf that has has been well coated with kiln wash.  Use stilts, especially in the beginning until you get used to how the glaze flows.

All lead free. All AP-Non Toxic except MF-40 which is Caution Label (CL). None are dinnerware safe.

Codes in ( ) Caution Label: CL
Cone 06-05
Lead lead-free
Safety label All AP-Non Toxic except MF26, 40, 42
Dinnerware lead-free
Shipping Group Parcel
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