Amaco LG Gloss Glaze - LG52 Petal Pink (TP)
Quick Overview

Bright Opaque and transparent colors characterize this popular LG Gloss Glaze series. 

These glazes fire to a smooth, glossy finish at a witness Cone 05.  Always slow fire lead free glazes for the best results.  For a clear, all over covering glaze, you have a choice of LG9 with lead or LG10 without lead.  LG10 has a smooth and high gloss surface.  Make sure it reaches a mature witness Cone 06.  You might apply it thinner than usual for best results.  Two coats are usually enough. LG10 clear glaze can be used over the Amaco LUG series and Velvets.

Cone 05
Lead No, except discontinued colors ( All lead free except LG9)
Safety label Most AP , some CL ( All AP non-toxic except LG2, LG9, LG25, LG26, LG27, LG44, LG45, LG46)
Dinnerware Yes
Note The new lead free reds and oranges are much less finicky than the leaded ones. LG57, 58, 59, 63, 67 and 68: just apply 3 normal coats and fire to witness ,Cone 05, and Amaco swears they will come out perfect! They are very bright and translucent.
Codes in ( ) O=Opaque, TP=Transparent, TL=Translucent
Shipping Group Parcel
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