Amaco Glaze Crystals AC11 White
Quick Overview

One or more colors of crystals can be added to a base glaze for exciting results.  Each piece of pottery is one-of-a-kind, never to be duplicated.  

Apply the crystals by placing them where desired on the piece while the glaze is still wet.  When fired, the crystals flow into the base glaze.  

These crystals are recommended to be used with glazes that mature at Cone 06-05, although they can be used at any temperature.  They are not recommended for surfaces which come into contact with food or drink.  4 oz bottles. All crystals fire to a gloss finish.

All colors are lead free and AP Non-Toxic.

Cone 06-05
Lead lead-free
Safety label AP except AC46
Dinnerware lead-free
Shipping Group Parcel
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