Amaco F Lead Free Glaze Class Pack 12
Quick Overview

F-Series glazes are fritted, lead-free compositions.  They are semi-opaque and fire with a high gloss.  Colors are more intense and brilliant than those of many other glazes.  Because they are lead-free, they are recommended for functional ware.  

F1 Jet Black, F10 Clear Transparent, F11 White, F22 Royal Blue, F25 Turquoise, F30 Chocolate, F40 Chrome Green, F50 Rose, F52 Burgundy, F58 Red, F61 Lemon Yellow, F66 Orange

Apply to cone 04 bisque by brushing, dipping or pouring; fire to cone 05.

Cone 05
Lead lead-free
Safety label Most AP / Some CL
Dinnerware Yes, except F47/F26/F27
Volume Pint
Shipping Group Parcel
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