Amaco Artists Choice A61 Moss Brown
Quick Overview

Cone 05 oxidation glazes that look like high fired reduction stoneware

They can be fired over any earthenware clay; however they look their best over dark or red firing clay.  The color in the clay will partially show through the texture and add another color dimension to the glaze.  These glazes will look completely different depending on the clay they are applied on.

Apply over cone 04 fired bisque or higher. Better results are achieved when red clay is fired one or more cones higher than the glaze firing.  For glazes A-24 Exotic Blue and A-40 Seafoam Green, glaze fire slowly and add a 20 minutes hold at the end of the firing.  The other glazes in the series will work well whether they are fired fast or slow.  Cone 05.  All glazes are lead free.  All are AP Non-Toxic except A22, A32 and A40 which are CL label.  All are dinnerware safe when fired per instructions.

Cone 05
Lead lead-free
Safety label Most AP / Some CL
Dinnerware Yes
Shipping Group Parcel
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