Amaco Alligator Glaze LT161 Tiger Eye (TL3)
Quick Overview

With Textured Alligator Glazes, no two pieces are ever alike due to the many variations in texture which occur in firing.  Variegated matt textures predominate at the lower firing temperatures and gloss textures at the higher with a mingling of matt and gloss between the extremes

Apply to bisque or greenware by brushing, pouring or dipping.  Range is Cone 06 to 04, recommended is 05-04.

#132 Jewel Brown is a dark brown and amber aventurine type glaze with infinite depth and gold flecks appearing throughout.  It should be brushed very thoroughly to reveal the lovely gold flecks.  Fire to cone 06-05.

#22 Tahitian Blue should be fired at cone 06 because it flows more than the rest in this series.

Codes in ( ) Codes in ( ): O=Opaque, TP=Transparent, TL=Translucent
Cone 05-06
Lead lead-free
Safety label AP Non toxic
Dinnerware Yes, when fired to the correct temperature
Shipping Group Parcel
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