SilkPaint AirPen Complete Kit
Quick Overview

The SilkPaint AirPen Complete Kit comes with:

- Interchangeable applicator tips for making lines with varying thicknesses.
- 110V diaphragm air pump to provide the required air pressure through the 6-foot air line.
- 6 Quick-Change Cartridge assemblies and storage caps for each cartridge.
- Cartridge holder and air pump rest.
- 6 cleaning plungers.
- 11 pen tips.

The SilkPaint AirPen can supercharge your creativity. A hand-held, air-powered tool, it is used for drawing very fine details or for filling in complex designs.

- Because of its unique design, you can avoid the hand strain associated with squeeze bottles.
- Works with paint, glue, and glazes, and other thick mediums.
- Effortlessly draw long lines without using brushes.
- Work without worrying about dripping, skipping, or bubbling.
- Works on vertical or horizontal surfaces.
- Built to last.

The AirPen is great for:

- Paints
- Acrylics
- Enamels
- Glazes
- Henna
- Latex
- Auto parts
- Glues & other adhesives
- Ink
- Nail polish
- Cake decorating

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