Aftosa Black Wax Resist
Quick Overview

The Aftosa Black Wax Resist comes in liquid form, and is black in color.

It is available in a pint or in a 4-oz container.

*NOTE: Now that colder weather is here please be advised that there is a chance your wax will freeze during shipment and no longer work. Please keep this in mind while ordering as these items will not be replaced when freezing. Order at your own risk

This popular wax resist is good for applying over glazed areas and leaves a black line after being fired.

The wax resist is water soluble, and can be thinned for detail work.

Store in a closed container.

Do not dip the brush directly into the jar. Instead, pour a small amount in to a separate container.

Wait at least two hours after application before glazing.

For best results, wait up to eight hours.

Aftosa Wax Resist will be damaged if frozen or kept in cold temperatures, even cold air during the winter.

Wax resist will not work properly when it has been frozen. Please make sure the weather in your area is adequate for shipping wax resist before placing an order.

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