Amaco Adapt-a-Bat, Drilled
Quick Overview

The Amaco Adapt-a-Bat is 8" or 10" in diameter.

The Amaco Adapt-a-Bat allows you to use smaller wheels, specifically 8” or 10” wheels, on wheel heads that have 10” pins. These bats are drilled with holes that are 6 inches apart in order to fit on the Adapt-a-Bat Master (not included).

- The Adapt-a-Bat is ideal for situations where many objects are being thrown in a short amount of time, or if several people must share the same wheel, like in a classroom.
- Adapt-A-Bats are constructed from specially formulated plastic that is 1/4” thick, and very durable. The bats won't be affected by water and most chemicals.

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