Amaco AccuAngle
Quick Overview

The Amaco AccuAngle is a unique one-step cutting and beveling tool for clay.

The Amaco AccuAngle allows you to make angled outside cuts as well as beveled openings on the interior of a clay slab. Roll out a slab of clay to the desired thickness and lay the AccuAngle on the clay so that the sliding cutter is just off the edge of the clay. Insert a long needle tool into the desired angle hole and pull towards you. You will get a cut that is clean and straight.

- Great for any skill level.

- Two sizes are available: 16" and 32" long.

- The holes in the sliding cutter range from a 30-degree angle to a 90-degree angle.

- Long needle tool not included.

- 11 preset angles for cutting clay into basic geometric shapes from the equilateral triangle to the dodecagon:

#3 – 30-degree angle: equilateral triangle
#4 – 45-degree angle: rectangle
#5 – 54-degree angle: pentagon
#6 – 60-degree angle: hexagon
#7 – 64.2-degree angle: heptagon
#8 – 67.5-degree angle: octagon
#9 – 70-degree angle: nonagon
#10 – 72-degree angle: decagon
#11 – 73.6-degree angle: hendecagon
#12 – 75-degree angle: dodecagon
The non-numbered hole nearest the ruler's edge is a 90-degree angle

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