Art-No: MOCPTX008
Creative Paradise Inc. TX08 Tooled Leather Texture Mold
Quick Overview

The Creative Paradise Inc. TX08 Tooled Leather Texture Mold is a one-piece plaster slab that has an embossed tooled leather pattern across the entire face of the mold.

This mold measures 12” x 12”.

Creative Paradise Inc. Texture Molds are simple to use.

- Firmly press the mold against your slab of clay.
- The plaster is absorbent, drawing moisture evenly from the clay body and limiting cracking and sticking as it dries.
- It can take from 10 to 30 minutes for the clay to dry to leather-hard, depending on factors like slab thickness, water content, ambient temperature, and humidity.

Tips for use:

- Casting slips are generally not suitable for use.
- Smooth clays are preferable, to minimize damage and wear to the detail of the mold.

Size 12'' x 12''
Shipping Group Parcel
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