Brushes have a number of wide ranging uses in pottery and ceramics. From applying slip to glazing, Duncan brushes will cover all your needs.

Discovery Brushes:

These are the versatile basics. These brushes will let you discover the fun of ceramics.

Signature Brushes:

These premium-quality Duncan brushes are carefully handcrafted for professional-looking results. Signature brushes are made of 100% pure red sable hair or badger hair. Signature brushes are handmade by master craftsman with years of experience, and each brush must pass careful inspection. Signature brushes are durable. Properly cared for, these brushes will perform for a very long time, making them some of the most economical brushes you can own.

Debut Taklon Brushes:

These brushes are distinguished by firm body and shape retention that enable the user to produce crisp fine lines, extraordinary controlled brushstrokes and extremely smooth solid-color coverage and glaze application.

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