Art-No: MOCPSG04
Creative Paradise Inc. SG04 Sunflower Sprig Mold
Quick Overview

The Creative Paradise Inc. SG04 Sunflower Sprig Mold has Seven various sunflower and leaf shapes, ranging in size from 1-1/4” to 3-1/2”.

Sprig Molds are for adding pre-made designs to clay.

- Press clay into molds.
- Push and flatten the clay using your fingers, a tool, or a ruler.
- The plaster will absorb some of the moisture from the clay, making the clay shrink slightly as it dries.
- Pull out and attach to thrown or slab-built pieces.

Tips to use:

- Shapes can be standalone designs or as part of a larger piece.
- Smooth clays lacking course grogs are preferred to minimize damage and wear to the detail of the mold.
- These molds are great for the classroom.
- You can make several molds an hour.
- Sprig molds work well with kiln-firing clay, self-hardening clay, and even dough.

Size 1.25'' - 3.5''
Shipping Group Parcel
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